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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Do you want your site to rank on the first page of Google and the other major search engines in England, Scotland, Wales, or even the World? Do you want that number 1 spot! Or do you simply want to drive more traffic to your site! We are now taking on clients for SEO. My experience in SEO comes from my training from some of the world’s best SEO Experts Perry Marshall & Peter Garity to name a few. Many people come to me with the same story, they have invested 1000s of pounds into a website that’s been running for a year yet hardly anyone visits it, Why?

Do you need SEO?

The internet is ever expanding, more and more businesses are finding their way online to cut costs or to tap into larger potential client bases. In this highly competitive world SEO IS AN ESSENTIAL FACTOR for any web site’s success.

SEO will provide you with much more traffic, translating into more sells. Please e-mail/call (+44) 0791942665 for a SEO and Conversion Consultations

As we have said before, KaijaWeb understands the spiralling costs of web development. As a good gesture for both parties KaijaWeb runs a Pay Half Now Pay Half on Completion policy. In the case of SEO we run a 3 stage plan for FULL SEO implementation, 50% of the total fee is due to commence work, 25% is due at the 2nd month, and final payment (25%) after the 3rd month.

What do I get for 3 months?

Month 1

Competition & Keyword Research – KaijaWeb will spend one month analysing your site, your competitor’s rankings and build a treasure trove of keywords that will increase the visibility of your website. This data is essential for building a strong long lasting foundation for your website. Take a look at our portfolio of sites, example: 365 Healthcare’s website has kept it’s #1 ranking on Google world for the past 5 years, this is no accident or fluke!

Month 2

Keyword Implementation – The hard work isn’t over yet, now we will spend a month on your website modifying your content to Google’s standards. It’s very important at this stage not to rush implementation by suddenly changing all the content, we prefer to drip feed modifications into the site. This way the site appears to naturally evolve, this is both beneficial to search engine rankings and your current customer base.

Month 3

Almost there! The final month of your search engine optimisation is less intense than the first couple but still just  as important. 3rd month is spent reviewing the changes to the site, comparing the performance to the old site whilst also monitoring your rankings.Finding backlinks is also a very important task for this month. We used to not offer this service as it is one of the most labour intensive tasks, but over the years Google has placed more importance on authority/web credibility.

This is called Page Rank, think of it as your website’s quality score. Google rates the quality of your web pages by both internal and external factors i.e. the number of people linking to them and the number pages on your site linking to them.If website A, B and C all link to your content that’s great, but this will only be beneficial to you if websites A, B, and C have high quality scores themselves.

The only way you will get high quality sites to link to you is if you produce high quality content to your users.

At KaijaWeb will not use blackhat tactics to boost traffic to your site, such tactics only work short term and will do more/permanent damage to your website or brand. We will prepare a SEO report spreadsheet for you, this will act as an aid helping you track your business’s performance.

Month 4 and beyond

This is a paid option. If your business is part of a highly competitive market it is essential that you do not stop working to improve the content of your site. Google loves content, NEW CONTENT that is! You’ve got to give your prospects a reason to seek you out or keep coming back to you, this can be done several way.

  • Article Writing – We will implement a blog to your website, our team of writers will create unique and interesting articles for you to post on your site (keyword rich of course!).
  • Social Web Is The Future! – Subscribe, tweet, follow, fan and thumbs up! If you are part of any social network you maybe already familiar with these terms. But did you know Facebook gets more traffic than Google! More and more businesses are finding their way onto social networks but only the savvy minded businesses use them to their potential. KaijaWeb can build you a Facebook Pages, Google Places, Ebay Stores, Lenses and Twitter accounts.
  • Satellite Sites – These are external sites that drive traffic to your own sites, like social networks but these can be standalone websites in their own right. These are good places to testing with special offers and new products/features prior implementing them on your main money making site.
  • Back Links– Continuing from our 3rd month strategy, we will continue our process of acquiring backlinks through white hat tactics.There is a separate fee for each of these Month 4 services

Please call us today on (+44)7919426665 or contact me via e-mail for a  SEO Consultation. 

  • Our SEO strategy also includes local search