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Mr. Drop Block

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Pass : tryme

Minimum spec: Android device with Gingerbread API.
For best experience use an Android device with JellyBean or above
Terms and Conditions: The code within the apk was written as part of my dissertation for my degree, it is therefore owned by the University of Birmingham. Since finishing my degree I have completely rewritten and improved upon the code so that I can release the game myself in the future.

Scroll down for game controls!

The Game (Like Tetris but different)

This is the first game I’ve ever made, it’s all hand coded from scratch in Java. All the graphics were created by myself, the music and sound effects selected from various royalty free stores.

The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible by destroying as many of the square blocks before your screen fills up causing the game to end.

Destruction Block

When the game starts a pair of coloured blocks will fall down the screen. Once the pair hit the bottom of the screen a new pair of blocks will be dropped down the screen again.

There are two types of block, normal blocks (square shaped) and destruction blocks (circular). The destruction blocks are used to destroy the same coloured normal blocks.

Normal blocks

TIP: You can earn more points by stacking the same coloured blocks together before you destroy them!


If you’ve downloaded the android game  – SWIPE LEFT to move block pair left, SWIPE RIGHT to move block pair right, SWIPE UP to rotate block pair 90 degrees, SWIPE DOWN to accelerate drop speed.

If you’ve downloaded the desktop game – LEFT KEY moves block pair to the left, RIGHT KEY moves block pair to the right, UP KEY rotates block pair, DOWN KEY accelerates drop speed.

PRO TIP: Destroying large stacks of blocks instead of single blocks will earn you more points!

Fig.1 Block Pair: Two normal blocks


Fig.2 Normal & destruction block


Game is under way

 TIP: Gravity will no longer affect blocks that have previously been grounded, so beware!

This app is a work in progress, please submit feedback to help improve the game

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